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wheatFRCS incorporated as an S-Corp in the spring of 1988 and is headquartered in Townsend, Montana. FRCS has two principals, Patrick Ragen and Chase Ragen, a father/son team. Prior to FRCS, Pat managed his father’s (Chuck Ragen) ranch on the Missouri River for a number of years. In his youth, Chase worked as the hired hand for the Ragen Ranch. Patrick graduated from the University of Montana with an Economics degree in 1970. Chase graduated from Western Montana College of the University of Montana with a Business Degree with an emphasis in Computer Science in 2000. Chase is also a member of the Montana Army National Guard, an officer, currently at the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, a combat veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan. FRCS is headquartered out of Townsend, MT with no branch offices. FRCS has established an excellent reputation within the agriculture lending community. Since 1988, FRCS has formed strong working relationships with over 19 lending institutions, throughout Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

FRCS started with some of the poorest agricultural credit and farm finance in Montana and quickly and successfully turned the poor credits around. Soon the field of farm finance and agricultural credit grew. We began with an empty loan portfolio and have grown to service over $27,000,000 in loans for clients in the region. Furthermore, many are guaranteed by the USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA).

The FSA guaranteed program has been an integral part of our success.

When a borrower is having problems meeting financial obligations, we will take the time to prepare possible scenarios while receiving farm finance or agricultural credit. Debt restructuring is often accompanied by restructuring a borrower’s current operation.

We are a privately run, family business that truly understands the fluctuations and uncertainty of agriculture. We welcome the opportunity to assist you with any and all matters associated with financing your farm or ranch. We never hesitate to go the extra mile for each of our clients. Our expertise in agricultural credit and farm finance, as well as family values, is what sets us apart from the competition. Contact Us today!

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