FSA Guaranteed Loan Program

FRCS has years of expertise in making and servicing FSA guaranteed loans. FRCS has specialty, on-of-a-kind software designed to meet our needs in preparing and servicing FSA guaranteed loans for our clients.

FRCS can be of service to you:

  1. FRCS can do for you what we have done for other lending institutions and borrowers, or
  2. FRCS can sell you our one-of-a-kind software and train you to do what we have spent 20 years specializing in. We have a system for new loan making and annual software servicing.

In addition to the items needed for a new guaranteed loan, we also prepare the the following annually:

  • Final monthly report of income and expenses
  • Financial statements
  • Annual income projections and debt repayment schedulesfsaphoto
  • Monthly cash flow
  • Loan agreements
  • Historical information
    1. debt, asset, net worth comparisons
    2. crop yields
    3. livestock information
    4. income
    5. expenses
  • Loan activity ledgers

Our software will illustrate cash flows with and without interest assistance on all combination of loans in the FSA interest assistance program.