Farm and Ranch Credit Services has been servicing our loan with SBOT since 2001. This has been a very rewarding experience for us as well as our ranching business.

The staff at Farm and Ranch Credit are very helpful and knowledgeable about all the required paperwork. They not only provide us with the proper forms, but assist us in filling them out. We have never dealt with a more sincere group of people. We honestly feel that they are there to help us any way they can. They are very honest with us when dealing with both positive and negative situations.

The first thing that Pat did was set up our fiscal year to match our ranching operation income. Pat not only has the education but he has a ranching background. He knows exactly what we are dealing with because he has experienced it. We are comfortable calling them with any questions and truly respect their recommendations. Thank you Farm and Ranch Credit… You provide an excellent service.

Kurt and Elaine McPherson

Farm & Ranch Credit Services has assisted our ranch in many areas. FRCS is a tremendous help in getting our yearly budgets put together. With markets changing quicker and mother nature not being as consistent as the past, FRCS is there helping with ideas on how to adjust from year to year. They correspond with our lender very well. Also, FRCS is there helping with Government Programs and forms that must be compiled for various reasons.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re pinching for time and you know it is a matter of time before you have to have an answer? FRCS is there to discuss ideas with you and willing assist you with any information or resources to help you handle the situation. That came before us just this past spring when we needed to find pasture for 400 replacement Heifers. We hadn’t been able to get our hands on some pasture so we finally called FRCS and discussed our situation. Before we knew it, they found us pasture; and we no longer had to face with the possibility of having to send our replacements to market.

Thank you FRCS in all ways you have helped us!

Dillon, MT

I have found Pat Ragen and his office staff to be very helpful to us as we refinanced our farm loans through the assistance of Farm and Ranch Credit Services. Pat has an excellent grasp of cash flow, equity, assets and liabilities. He also understands the effects various farm programs have on Montana’s small grains farming operations in the 21st Century. It did not take him long to come to understand our fairly complicated operation and help us begin to turn this farm into a more profitable enterprise. As I ventured into this new relationship, I found it encouraging to hear the president of the State Bank of Townsend speak words of praise regarding Pat’s integrity and proficiency. Also Russ, Suzanne and Chase on the staff have been very helpful to keep us up to date on our budgets with a clear desire to see us succeed.

2nd Generation Wheat Farmer
Cut Bank, MT